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By means of our unbeatable , easy-going concept of “WIN-WIN” to creat benefits for  this Business chain between both parties , we are obviously aiming to collaborate with Worldwide Distributors for marketing and sales of our portfolio on Rehabilitation Supports & Aids Products .In this regard what we are looking for , it is a business partner who understands and determines requirements of its local market in a basis of quality , expected product ranges etc. ADELBRAND Besser Leben , was founded on that real , pure "WIN-WIN" principle and we trust that it has made us what we are today. As we continue to grow, we wish to share this principle and our resources with other partner companies as like you so that more people would be able to have access to life-changing healthcare opportunities . To start with our collaboration we are looking forward to discuss growth and business opportunities where we can both benefit from. Please if you like to be our distributor give us a brief instruction of your entity by sending us an email through in the light of our below queries , that way by seeing whole picture via our quick SWAT Analysis ability to make a prompt decision .

1.       How long has your company been in operation?

2.       How many sales representatives does your company have in the field?

3.       What segment of the market does your company focus its sales efforts?

4.       What is your leading sales product line?

5.       What major brands do you represent?

6.       Do you have any warehouse or storage facility to store products inorder to deliver them intime to your customers ?


Sincerely ,

Board of Administration

Become a Distributor